GluSeal Skin Adhesive

GluSeal is a cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive specifically designed for cosmetic
surgeons. The 5 mL Kit of GluSeal® is multi-use and comes with 50 pipettes which allow clinicians to reduce their treatment cost to as little as $3 per application.

I do a lot of skin surgeries and GluSeal is one of my favorite products. I am so happy I heard about it from one of my colleagues. GluSeal is affordable, patients love it, and I use it up to 50 times a day to treat wounds and skin fissures.

- Dr. Mohiba Tareen, Board Certified Dermatologist

Product Literature

About GluStitch

About GluStitch Inc.

GluStitch Inc. is a family owned and locally operated business in Delta, British Columbia, Canada.

GluStitch has a Quality Management System certified as being in conformity with ISO 13485:2016 by Intertek. GluStitch's wound management products contain octyl and butyl cyanoacrylate adhesives which are blended together to make ideal formulations for our customers' specific uses.

GluStitch Inc. manufactures three products that are made available to the dental and medical markets; PeriAcryl® Oral Tissue Adhesive, GluStitch® Topical Tissue Adhesive, and GluSeal® Liquid Bandage.ext


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