How to Improve Efficiency of Your Dermatology Practice

Since efficiency levels play a large role in a dermatology practice's ability - or inability - to run successfully, marked improvements in patient wound care are of the utmost importance. Also, the patients that call the practice consistently with and post-visit questions - can distract the staff and eventually the efficiency of a dermatology practice.

Recently, we spoke with Dr. Shawn Allen, a board-certified dermatologist, fellowship-trained MOHS and cosmetic surgeon in Boulder, Colorado about his experience with GluStitch products and how they have improved the efficiency of his dermatology practice.

"I've had extensive use and experience with these products since 2009 where I brought them in to assist me with closures with face lifting procedures, and graduated them into assisting me with closures in my MOHS and standard excisions." said Dr. Allen.

If the efficiency of your dermatology procedures is a top priority, Dr. Allen can attest to the improved experience for closures completed during MOHS surgery. "I'm able to close wounds that normally would require epidermal sutures,” said Dr. Allen. “The replacement of these epidermal sutures with GluStitch® products allows for a quick, clean closure without the risk of suture track marks. In addition, you also have a sealed wound so the risk of infection likely is decreased when using GluSeal product.”

With regard to wounds healing by second intent, the need for a patient to do minimal wound care at home is recommended. Dr. Allen discussed how patients can minimize the at-home care following the procedure and “the wound is sealed up and they don't have to apply any Vaseline to it and they can leave it alone and not touch it until the glue falls off which is somewhere between 7-14 days, rarely does it last up to three weeks.”

When a patient doesn't have to visit the office for simple wound checks or suture removal they patients are happier. The use of these products can also work to reduce patient interruptions because interactions with these patients often result in an interruption to the practice's day-to-day workflow.

With GluStitch® products the efficiency and effectiveness of your dermatology practice can be improved, including patient comfort and care.