GluSeal® IFU/SDS

Intended Use: GluSeal® is a liquid adhesive bandage intended to cover minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and minor irritations of the skin and help protect them from infection.

Contraindications: Do not apply GluSeal® to the eye(s), If contact with the eye(s) occurs, keep the eye(s) closed and covered, and immediately contact an ophthalmologist. No attempt should be made to open the eye(s), the adhesive will lose its adhesion over time, between one and four days, and the eye(s) will open naturally with no damage. Do not use on infected areas, or wounds that are draining.

Description: This product is a blended compound of the cyanoacrylate series. This compound exists in monomeric form in the containers, and polymerizes in the presence of anions, especially hydroxyl ions (in the presence of water).

Supplied and Instructions for Use:
Inspect: to ensure a thin liquid consistency before opening the container. If contents are viscous or have hardened, contact GluStitch Inc. 1-877-940-2262.

5 mL Multi-use Kit: Open the bottle by rotating the cap counterclockwise. Compress one of the pipettes provided and slightly tip the bottle so the cyanoacrylate comes in contact with the bottle opening. Position the compressed pipette at the neck opening and release the pressure. The cyanoacrylate will be drawn up into the pipette, and ready to be administered. If a micro-pipette is being used, dispense a few drops of adhesive into a suitable plastic container such as the optional tray available from GluStitch Inc. Compress the pipette and release to draw up the material. Apply to the target site.

Unit of Use: Remove from protective pouch. Raise the tip and tap lightly to allow adhesive to move away from the tip. Clip the tip as closely to the end as possible to allow maximum administration control. Lower the tip and apply to the target site. With all products, it is best to apply several coats of adhesive while allowing approximately 20 seconds between coats to dry.

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CAS Number Octyl: N/A
Product Use
: Liquid Tissue Adhesive
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