Dr. Allen Board-Certified Dermatologist and fellowship-trained MOHS & Cosmetic Surgeon Shares His Thoughts About the GluStitch Family of Products

My name is Shawn Allen and I am a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs and cosmetic surgeon in Boulder, Colorado. I am happy to talk about my experience with the GluStitch product line. I have had great success with these products since 2009. I have used them in a range of procedures from face-lifts and standard excisions to closing Mohs wounds whether they are being closed by primary or secondary intent. 

I have found these products to really change my practice in some significant ways; both from the patient care and convenience as well as the efficiency of the practice. Using the GluStitch products I am able to close wounds that would normally require epidermal sutures and the replacement of these sutures with the glue products allows for a quicker closure as well as a cleaner closure without the risk of suture track marks. You also have a sealed wound so the risk of infection likely is decreased and you also have a wound that the patients don’t need to do any wound care to since the wound is sealed off and there is no need to apply petroleum jelly to these areas. It also has been a cost-effective approach for my practice not only do we save the time on the suture removal visits but also the cost of the products compare favorably to placing top sutures or using some of the other cyanoacrylate products on the market. 

Shawn Allen MD
Director and Founder of Dermatology Specialists of Boulder
2880 Folsom Steet Suite 200 Boulder, CO 80304

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